Economics/Statistics projects from my undergraduate degree

March 10, 2020 - 2 minute read -

:cherry_blossom: The Econometrics Game

The econometrics game is a day-long competition where competing teams are given a dataset and fourteen hours to devise and answer a question of economic importance. The prompt in 2016 was to investigate the economic assimilation of immigrants, and my team came in second out of nine teams.

:rose: Academic Coursework

For our final project in Econometrics B during the winter of 2016, my friend Leila and I studied the role of US political interests in the allocation of funds by the World Bank and International Development Association.

I took Time-Dependent Data during the winter of 2016, and my final project analyzed climate trends in Central England from the 17th century to the present using time-series techniques.

I took Experimental Economics during the spring of 2015, and my team designed a field experiment around Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to investigate motivating factors behind gift-reciprocity in labor markets.

:cactus: Just for Fun

In 2014, my friend Albert and I played a lot of flappy bird and compared our scores to a geometric distribution.

:hibiscus: Finance Research

During the summer of 2015, I interned at China Life Insurance in Beijing, and did research on risk factors in China’s stock market, dynamic portfolio selection, and the turn of the month effect.